May 17th, 2020 | 7:30 AM | GRANDE HILLS ESTATES, BUSH, LA

1000 or 400 YARD SWIM | 18 MILE BIKE | 4 MILE RUN

CrawfishMan is a great race with a rich history dating back to 1983 and has witnessed numerous advancements in the triathlons such as the introduction of clipless pedals….aero bars…and the term “transition” which was previously known as “changing rooms”!

The race venue located in Bush, LA is picturesque and perfect for a early season triathlon. The race itself is a 1000 yard swim, an 18 mile out and back bike ride and a 4 mile hilly run. This year we are adding a non-competitive 400 meter swim division for beginner triathletes. 

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